October Rain

2016/10/10. - írta: Somi_

Gdansk is entirely different in autumn, I feel. All the colours are fading and I’m reminded how I have never liked this season. With its gloomy rain and cold winds, that blows the leaves off the trees, making me shiver and catch a cold, by the way... It was pouring during the last couple of days and I had the luck to go out in the rain in a skirt and soak my boots completely.


The Old Town looks different. It’s emptier, of course, and all the coloured walls seem to be melting. Less tourists, less amber stands, less street performers. The street belongs to another city now, or has created its own little town under the rain where everything is hidden beneath see-through plastic covers.

The new volunteers, Raquel and Niklas arrived in this weather. We’re all sick now. I think it’s been the hardest on Raquel coming from Portugal, where the temperature still hits 25 degrees Celsius, while here it sank below zero a couple of times already. I don’t like talking about the weather, but there didn’t seem to be a transition in between summer and this cold and it’s torturing us badly. I’m already worried about winter.



Our place now is quiet (not including the upstairs neighbours with their fights and babies crying), we cannot hear the noise from the street, which is pretty nice compared to all the noise pollution I had to endure at Jaskowa Dolina. This is a peaceful area, still well connected with the rest of the city, although being a bit further out. Movements are rare, however yesterday one of our dumpsters caught on fire... We saw it from our window with Niklas. A truck from the fire department arrived, right when I was calling emergency and put out the fire quickly. It was the blue recycling bin for collecting paper and now one of its sides is not so blue anymore. Excitement in the suburbs.

I will be working a bit in Orunia again. After the idle waiting, that September brought me –which I filled with travelling – finally my project has started to get a certain shape. It’s not the shape I want, not yet, anyways, but we are going somewhere and I’m not worried anymore. Actually, I don’t really care what I do as long as I enjoy my time here.

So, today I took a walk with Mania and decorated Orunia with posters about the winter schedule of her activities. I met the goats.



They live next to the railway, but don’t seem to be bothered by it, whatsoever. Seriously, I love Poland with all its green areas and butterflies, and something like this is exactly what I’d expect here! :D The very fact that Gdansk is not a small town but on the contrary, just makes it even better.

Rainy days are upon us.

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