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I can’t believe that I’ve been here for almost two months… and I can’t really decide if it’s been long or not, I feel like I lost my sense of time.

Gdansk has a colourful summer. With the ever-changing weather and exciting events, with my job at the community centre of Orunia and all the places in Wrzeszcz, this city shows me new ways of learning. I have come to that point where I feel attached to certain places, a certain way of living here; things are no longer unknown. I want this post to be colourful, too, so here you go with the happy people of the community centre and some actual colours from the Festiwal Kolorów.

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On one weekend, they held a small fair in Orunia. There were plenty of games and plenty of people and cookies and sausages and some arts and crafts, and you could collect little stamps on your arms if you participated at the different stations... Our station had the skipping-rope. It was huge and the kids loved it – so did our muscles.

dscn9862.JPG dscn9846.JPG dscn9859.JPG
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You could also join a zumba party, enjoy a dance performance or just simply make your own fun.

dscn9811.JPG dscn9813.JPG
dscn9876.JPG dscn9823.JPG

It was a day when I felt useful and happy and somehow it brought back things from the past when I was a kid and how I would always visit my mom’s stand on Children’s Day events. Today we did my EVS evaluation with Justyna so I could think about how I actually wouldn’t have wanted a project that involved kids, however, this experience with the community centre taught me so much in so little time. I am definitely out of my comfort zone there.

And sometimes adults can be kids, as well, and get our clothes dirty with all the beautiful, bright colours of a colour festival. I was actually surprised on the amount of people and the whole turnup of the event since it was only for one afternoon, but still managed to have the atmosphere of a monumental parade. So, we had fun.

13695187_1148460335200805_331980588_n.jpg 13694259_1148460428534129_1143363398_o.jpg
13702441_1148460351867470_1627604984_o.jpg 13718061_1148460325200806_1842002553_o.jpg


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